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I've always wanted to put up signs at intersections "Red Light Runners May Be Sniped" with a little pictogram detailing such.


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I know all about Whitaker since my dad was a WVian. The trick, he told me, was to move to where that level of wealth isn't noticed. Whitaker's problem was that he stayed in WV. As my dad said, "Giving a WVian a hundred million dollars is like giving a monkey a shotgun; if he don't kill himself, he gonna kill someone."


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That's why I say that I'm only playing for $300M+. Anything less than that would be trouble. Saying that you can retire on several million is not exactly true for most people. Sure, you could quit your job and have fun, but you'd blow through that money quickly simply by being bored and looking for fun things to do that are expensive. With just a few million, you can invest that and recreate your current income. But, what are you currently doing with your current income? You go to work 40-ish hours a week and plan a vacation for a week or 2 out of the year. Delete the work requirements and you find yourself doing nothing but wanting to go do things.

With a few hundred million, you can invest that and have a couple million to spend year-over-year. Plenty to use to occupy your time with little worry of wanting to dip into the investment.

At least, that's my plan. I'm risk-averse, so I'm not going to go nuts at a casino, or go on drug fueled bender, or travel around the world looking for the next high.