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You know and I know that if she were a democrat and a progressive and was all these things, but her opponent was a native RIer but a conservative, most here would say that none of things you say matter. In fact, these things would be a plus rather than a negative; it's why she is good--she is a breath of fresh air in the entrenched cronyism and politics as usual network of RI.

**I would comment more, but can't as the original poster blocked me. (Which I think is cowardly.)

>This is what I was going to post to another person who responded, but can't.

>I am voting Democrat in the governor's race.

>What gets me (and why I posted the comment) is the rhetoric game and the political manipulation that campaigns use. The campaign toolbox has no political affiliation. They all use the same one. It's a tale as old as time.