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Well some may be bots, but I checked the most recent ones and it just seems like people who want to talk about tv.

I don’t mind a few if it breaks up the ones about one specific show, which is a bit dull. It’s always the same few shows.


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I really enjoyed what the Jewish element brought to The Patient. The ending sucked, but the story was really interesting and the conflict between orthodox and just the mother who sang Jewish songs was one of the more interesting aspects. There was a parallel to him and those in a prison camp too. Shame it didn’t knock it out the park, but was decent.

I don’t feel like Jewish life is under represented at all, but it’s still nice to explore it. There are lots of types of families and cultures to explore in the world, you mainly see (American) Catholics, Italian, Jewish and black.


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I did quite like Dawson’s Creek, you’re right there was no real gimmick there. I expected one, like, the whole thing was being told by an old Dawson or something momentous would happen, but nah. It was just whether Joey would go for him or Pacey I guess.

I find it a little creepy when stories just meander around, and there’s no beginning/middle/end and ‘event’ that causes the normal plot arc that you find in stories.


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I didn’t really ‘get’ One Tree Hill. It seemed like there was no real story or premise. I watched for a bit and nothing happened at all.

I’d just watched Buffy and Smallville though, so I was expecting some kind of actual driver for the show other than ‘people who like basketball or somtheing’.