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I always worry when that happens that its going to be permanent, or damage the nerves...

How important is it not to sleep on your arm like that? Like is it a minor annoyance or major health hazard?

Any tips for how to make your arm not fall asleep when sleeping on your side? Like a certain shoulder position or place to avoid pressure? Pillow position?


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Dunno exactly, but for whatever reason your hands/feet getting pruney in water is not a physical reaction from water entering your skin, its something your nerves cause in response to detecting water.

People with nerve damage to hands/feet don't get pruney hands/feet.

Also why it doesn't happen to the skin anywhere else on your body.


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Lifepo4 have amazing life though. Iv got a 15 year old pack still at 50%+ capacity.

I mean, 50% sucks, but most other packs would be refusing to charge by now, or sagging too much to run the load. Means 5 year old 2nd hand trucks might be usable without a new battery if the owner doesn't need more then 75% range.


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Heres an idea: If your calls originate with 100's of different spoofed numbers, you should prob be dropped as a customer.

If when twilio calls those numbers a call is suppose to be originating from, it doesn't belong to the company who signed up, dropped as a customer.

In fact, how about just the standard "We sent number XYZ a text message, please enter the message to confirm you own number XYZ" before allowing to call anywhere using that number as your 'spoof'?


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If you take carbon and oxygen, burn them to produce CO2, any process you use to get back carbon and oxygen is by definition going to take as much or more energy then you got from burning it.

Chemical bonds all have a certain energy associated with forming and destroying them that must be paid (or released)


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Yes, that is kinda 100% required for an addon that looks for ads to block to function. All adblockers will be looking at all your traffic and matching them up against lists and heuristics to look for traffic to drop/rewrite as needed to remove ads.

The better question is if it sends any of that traffic information off your PC.


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I feel like that is what happened when they where told that 'using the wheel' was a method of torture/execution, but nobody really asked how it was done until it came time to do it to somebody.

"Dunno man.... get some wooden blocks and run him over with it? I heard we're supposed to break his bones or something"


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Reshape heavy energy consumer industry like cement plants, aluminum smelters, ammonia production, etc to run during peak hours only, by giving them better per-hour pricing so instead of drawing power 24/7 and requiring baseload generation, they can run off peak hour renewables and enjoy lower costs of energy. They will have to increase facility size to compensate for lower productivity however.

Also, redox flow batteries arnt half bad..


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Yep. Electrolysis is very inefficient. But even if you made it 100% efficient, and somehow made an IEC engine 100% efficient, you'd still only be making an energy storage system at best.

Realistically, the above two systems are like, 60% and 30% efficient at best? So your talking 18% overall. Not really worth doing until we have so much renewable energy that what to do with all the extra between the hours of X and Y becomes an issue.