Blackmail30000 t1_iqogfvz wrote

you are right. And endless lifespan does not automaticly fufill our needs. lets pretend post scarcaty is never going to happen. how woulld you break the shackles of modern society?

whell for one, more time equates to more time to gain skills. the price of collage becomes irrelevent when one is immortal. if it takes you 70 years to pay it of, thats just a drop in the bucket.

and if everything on earth goes to shit for some reason, and space travel is viable,you will be able to see the new planet you have immigrated to.

but thats a very far out "what if?" the real answer is we dont kow if we will break these bindings, we just know the horrers that are down path of aging and are willing to gamble on a new path.