Blackzone70 t1_jd3a1vg wrote

I was tempted to try at at 80 for a while, but them going to $60 got me to pick these up as well. Sound quality is decent, the worst thing about them is probably the AKG app, it usually doesn't even think they are connected to the phone. Btw, anyone have any EQ recommendations?


Blackzone70 t1_ja191ty wrote

As a point of comparison to another brand I personally think the Galaxy buds pro 2 sound better, but the Airpods pro have superior ANC (both tried on respective ecosystem). They are good, but there are other excellent brands such as Sony, Sennheiser, Bose, etc. Look at some YouTube reviews for mic and call quality, as well as sound comparisons. In the end nobody can tell you what will fit your ears the best so you'll just have to try some.