BladeOfTheSky t1_ja83tt2 wrote

“O Great Hero! I must congratulate you on the completion of your training! I know that it certainly must have been a truly arduous time for you.” Said the old man, leaning on his cane for support as he rambles on.

I never did get his name, it’s a bit odd really. Plucked from my family at six about what must’ve been twelve years ago and I’ve barely learned a thing about him. That can’t be normal right? One thing’s for sure though, he really likes the sounds of his own voice. If I do virtually anything he launches into praise. Pull out a chair for him? A five minute exaltation about how “fate chooses his heroes correctly.” Put a book back where it belongs in the library? Ten minutes on how “my kindness knows no bounds and will surely lead to my victory over the vile forces of evil.” It’s actually kinda impressive, or at least it would be if I wasn’t the one stuck listening to it all.

“And so, to at least put an end to this century-long saga, Fate himself has prepared a partner for you to travel alongside!” He exclaimed, barely taking a break to catch his breath.

My ears perked up at that; now that sounds interesting. I can’t even remember the last time I saw someone that wasn’t the large-lunged geezer. In all the history books that were shoved down my throat the heroes of old have always had some support. I wonder who Fate, fickle god that he is, prepared for me.

“Yes! A partner that will stick with you through light and dark, dusk and dawn, highs and lows. His Grace has seen the future of the world through His domain and has prepared a truly loyal partner that will never leave your side!” The garrulous geezer continued, still not having taken a breath for the past ten minutes.

Sometimes I wonder if he’s trained in some sort of magic to avoid having to breathe. In fact, now that I think of it, I did have to learn a spell like that in case I ever find myself trapped under water. Whoever this partner of mine is I just hope they don’t talk as much as he does.

“And now, O Great Hero! I present to you, your life-long partner!” The loquacious long-lived man finished as he drew a circle in the air, causing the very air in front of him to shatter, allowing a tentative glance at the very void itself before a dark, jet black, dagger rose up, looking as if the surrounding light was melting into shadow around it.

My breath caught when I saw it and I knew that this was it. This beautiful dagger is my Fate. Guided by a power beyond my own, my arm reached out to grasp the handle and a feeling of rightness soared through my body. Not even the kingdoms finest swords ever felt this perfect in my hand. The blade felt as if it was made by someone who knows me better than myself.

Before I knew it, I’d already pricked my thumb with the dagger, completing the bonding ritual. Now the blade would never leave my hand, and I could call it back to my hand with just a thought and it would answer, tearing through the void and whatever else stood in between it and its partner.

“Hey there little dagger, looks like we’re gonna be pretty good partners huh?” I whispered to it with a chuckle, knowing by instinct that it could respond back.

“You are not worthy!” A sharp voice echoed through my mind, causing me to jerk my head in shock. “I, the great blade of darkness, Voider of light, Enemy to all, could never be bound to such a being like you.” It said coldly.

A feeling of dread started to blossom in my stomach as I decided to play along. “Well, can this lowly being hope to learn your name, O Great blade of darkness?”

“I suppose, seeing as you were lucky enough to witness me and even hold me, you may know my name, if just so that you can worship me correctly. Now hear me now and well, for I will not repeat myself. My name is Shadow Duskbringer, First of its name, Shrouded by Fate, Born of Darkness-“

By this point the feeling of dread fully blossomed. At least the old man I could block out, but now this things voice is broadcasted straight into my mind.

I flinched as it suddenly shouted, “Stop daydreaming and pay attention! I’m not done yet!” It exclaimed.

…And it could sense my thoughts through our bond. I sighed as I suddenly noticed a note laying at my feet. Continuing to ignore the dagger I bent down to pick it up.

“Even a god doesn’t have unlimited patience. And after all, I’m very fickle aren’t I? Enjoy this gift from yours truly.”

Listening to the sword that still wasn’t done announcing its name, I wondered not for the first time if it was too late to retire from being a hero.