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Interest is applied daily, it's not simply Sale price X interest rate so that's why the total cost is not what you expect. As far as getting rid of it you can see if your state has a cool down period or if the dealer has their own. If not then you can see what the dealer can do for you in terms of a buyback/trade-in but private sale will probably net you the most


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I mean for a lot of things it was simply gambling but they could put on the mask of “I’m investing” when it wasn’t to make themselves feel legitimate. For others it was seen as a way to beat the 1% who are in the stock market because coins could do 500% MoM (ignoring it could also decline 5000% in minutes). Just a lot of desperate people looking for a way to make themselves wealthier which is a sad state of affairs


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The way some liquor laws used to work in Texas was bars could only sell liquor if they were a “private club” so places started selling lifetime memberships for $10 and as a new member it came with a free drink. Liquor laws don’t do anything; they’re so dumb. We also still have the laws that you can’t purchase liquor New Year’s Eve or Day so people just buy the day before Eve. Just makes stores more congested