BlightFantasy3467 OP t1_ixsaz2v wrote

Pretty good,

Just one gripe that I have.

Stop using contractions in your more powerful moments. It takes away from their Importance.

For example "...for I'm your worst mistake."

Does not have the emphasis of the character, such that

"...for I am your worst mistake." would.

Using contractions makes your authoritive characters seem weaker, less important, more casual.

It's fine if say, your character was some average teenager or something. E.g. "Don't tell me what to do!" Sounds like they're throwing a tantrum.

But if a king were to say it, their words would be less threatening. Instead they would say "Do not tell me what to do!" It gives their words a power to it, a weight to their words.

Also, say you were doing an essay, and it had a minimum word limit, not using contractions can pad out your word count.