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You bring up an interesting point the article. It you are going to ban Push, To Kill A Mockingbird a mockingbird should be banned. The white trash father raped his daughter and produced 2 more children. To expand further, we are taught about To kill a mockingbird in the context of racism and basically institutionalized racism, but not that rape and incest that is clearly happening under everyones nose in the book should get punished. No one raises a finger to protect the daughter in this book. Really we do have selective pearl clutching in this country!


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Why is it too late? They are trying to get to the facts. This town was an industrial town like so many others and it is likely that the soli was already contaminated. What they will be able to do after the fingerprint of the chemicals being carried is to determine what came from the derailment and what was preexisting. It is likely going to dredge up contaminants from prior industrial use.


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They did not fuck up the economy. They did add to the debt but no more than the PPP and certainly less than the stupid Trump tax cut. The reality is we have a very strong job market and the stock is the stock market. It goes up and down. The real calamity was the PPP loans that were fraught with fraud and graft. No politician should have been able to get one but it seems so many had there hands out.


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Rare is a difficult goal to achieve. 1. We have a rampant rape problem. Agree or not it does exist and women are punished for reporting rape. 2. Birth control does fail. It can be extremely reliable but it is not 100%. The best you can do is make the morning after pill easily accessible and affordable but unfortunately not every will know their form of birth control has failed for 6-8 weeks at the earliest. Not everyone has reliable menstrual cycles. It seems like it should be an easy to avoid pregnancy but the only way to do that is abstinence. Abstinence is just not a realistic solution because even married people can have an unwanted pregnancy. At the end of the day this is a private decision that has many factors including health, finances, support structures and no one especially a government should be forcing women to give birth. If our society truly wanted to be pro life we should start with the society children live in today. Gun violence kills 22 children every day in the USA. We have weak support structures for women when it comes to health care accessibility and child care. Finally we have an education system that is under attack. I think you need to understand people of child bearing age are looking at their future and it really is not a good time to have children.


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Well I ended up in the Lehigh Valley for the past 24 years to be with my husband. He came to Allentown for his first job out of college and stayed. No it is not New York or Philadelphia but we like it here. I grew up outside of Philadelphia and my husband is from Maryland. There are great restaurants and all the towns off something different. The hiking is great and skiing. It just depends on what you are interested in!