BlueSafeJessie t1_j66iqny wrote

Book a trip somewhere.

Doesn't even have to be nice, just a change of scenery.

Make lists and a timeline of everything to accomplish during your vacation.

Exercise. Make that the first thing you do on the first day off. Just go for a walk someplace. Or run.


Edit. I just noted your location.

Get. The fuck. Out. Of. Reno.

Maybe go snowboarding.


BlueSafeJessie t1_iu3gc6n wrote

You're 19. You should have moved out a year ago.

Don't run away. Prepare to move. Research jobs, and apartments. Suffer through this semester at home, then take the next semester off so you can move and start working. Then pick back up at CC once you're settled.

Or, just move to campus and keep studying. Your parents can't stop you. Your school can help you find a job. Transfer to a major you like. But don't pick one that that won't be useful later on.

Right away, without telling your parents, go to the bank and open a checking account in your name only. Put the 13k there where nobody else can get to it. Then a savings account, too. Learn how to budget right away, that 13k will not last long.

Also, find a mental health counselor. You badly need one. Your school should be a source for that. They probably have an LGBT support group or club, too. Go there.