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My sad syrup story... Years ago my sister brought home a boyfriend (her date for a family member's wedding), and while the rest of us were sleeping, he cracked open EVERY mini syrup jug (10) from our maple Sunday excursions and stuck his fingers in them and licked them off to "try all the different types." Disgusting.


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Coldest I've been in is -52 degrees (actual temp, not wind chill) while living in Alaska. To be honest, I didn't feel much difference between -20 and -50. It was all just f#cking cold. One cool thing was that if you tried to spit, it would freeze mid air with a popping sound.


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Hannafords had snack packs of seaweed everywhere this week, so I grabbed some to try. Honestly? I thought they were just Meh, and the packaging (SO MUCH PLASTIC) really turned me off. They had the texture of kale chips but with a fishy taste. If the health benefits/nutrients were amazing, I would probably eat again, but not in that packaging.

(ETA the ones I tried were GIMME Organic)


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This will sound disgusting, but I use a mix of cream cheese, fluff, and cool whip (same recipe as fluff fruit dip) instead of the traditional shortening/sugar mix. It tastes a bit like cheesecake.

My whoopie pies have raised hundreds of $$$ at local bake sale fundraiser auctions, so I know they're good.


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Reply to comment by RealMainer in Oxford Casino last night. by RealMainer

Haha.. samesies. It's fun to play penny slots, have a cocktail or two, then just take the elevator up to a freebie room. I'm not terribly lucky, but I can make $50 last a very long time, and some of the machines are a hoot.


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It's a fun night out if you can afford to lose some money. Tightest slots I've ever played. I do like the freebie hotel rooms during the week though, and they cook a decent steak in the pub.


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Alaska is breathtaking, achingly beautiful. Maine is scenic. I spent four years living there and never felt as cold as I do in Maine winters. Alaskan moose are larger, much more aggressive, and everywhere. Same with black bears.

Maine wilderness and mountains aren't remotely comparable to Alaskan. Swimming in Alaska sucks. In Maine, it's the best part of summer. Surfing the bore tide in Turnagain Arm is a blast. Surfing in Maine is meh.

I'd call Newfoundland closer to Alaska mini-me than Maine, and very much worth the gas and ferry price to get there from here.