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Actually the leadership hates the police probably even more than the public. There's a reason union presidents in the NYPD were embezzling a million dollars in union funds and there has been no contract update in six years. Corruption. Just look up former SBA union president Ed Mullins. Keep the cops submissive and salty so they resent the public instead of looking inward.


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It’s a revolving door because it’s too expensive to keep people locked up for petty crimes. Honestly, if you did lock up most of the petty criminals for long periods of time the police would likely go back to harassing everyday citizens for “activity”.

The petty criminals allow the culture of collars for dollars to exist in the first place.


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It could prove how over leveraged landlords are if 1 month devastates them. That would prove to be a highlight of their own risk assets and miscalculations. If speculative prices are dictated by risk/reward then it would prove landlords are carrying much higher risk than they are revealing to their tenants and to the rental market overall.

In fact it would reveal they are dumping all the risk and speculative price conditions on to their tenants rather themselves.

It’s about time we stress test these speculative prices instead of assuming the landlords and realtors know the true value of the units they are renting. Especially if the renters are carrying most of the speculative risk.


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Interesting to know that your response comes from a bias in real estate. You said so yourself landlords in NYC are completely unethical. Just how disruptive would even a 1 month city-wide rent strike be?


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But how many wannabes are actually in the pool? That’s the real question. If there are fewer than the landlords are marketing to NYers then this would be an effective means of protest.


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No one said nonviolent protest is easy. You’d show the hand of the property owners too because violence would likely end up being used against people who participated in the protest.


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That is a really long process. You are discounting all the fees both sides would have to eat to handle large quantities of the rent strike. You are also assuming there are enough suckers to overpay for overvalued rental prices. I’d say it would be interesting to let the evictions play out and just put pressure back on the landlord.

I mean realistically why bother caring about an overpriced rental apartment that you don’t even own. Let them handle all the risk and liability.

Rental units are “risk assets” after all.