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You will likely need several coats for different temperatures and weather patterns (rain), but if you find the kind with a water resistant shell and a zip out lining, that can count as two (and you can layer underneath with under armor or Wintersilks). Lands End, LL Bean and others make those kinds of coats.

I would avoid down coats with that silky nylon shell as it can snag and not wear well. But I have a decades old down coat from the Company store that is supposed to be warm down to something like -20 degrees.

A longer length and a hood are helpful to increase warmth.


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I think there’s an opportunity for disruption in appliances by designing BIFL. They’d likely get a large market share but once the market is saturated with their products, overall sales in the category would drop.

Probably someone in the biz has data on how often appliances are replaced for appearance or new features, rather than breakage.


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I wear a small size too. My Eddie Bauer hiking boots are holding up very well. Also have ancient Timberland hiking boots but they are on the small side and narrower, so not as good for actual hiking. Both are lace up. I don’t wear other boots much, so can’t speak to other styles.


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You could look up the Janka ratings, but ash is a very hard wood.

From a sustainability standpoint, bamboo comes out ahead. If they’ve put it together as they do strand bamboo flooring, it would have a high Janka rating but not sure they can do that for furniture.