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Yeah it’s my fault the buses suck, I pay for the metro north so I’m basically keeping that line afloat all by myself by your logic. Listen the system is broken and no amount of attitude is gonna fix it at this point. I’m amazed that things have hung on as long as they have, we’re going to be living in mad max territory real soon. Either that or a fascist dystopia, or some fucked up combination of the two.


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It’s more about what I get for the money, if I’m gonna have to spend it I’d rather spend it on getting to and from work in comfort than on the bus. The bus is fine for free but that’s about it, I’m not gonna pay for a barely functioning transit system.


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I’m 40 and I’ve owned a car in CT before, I’m well aware thank you. Got any other suggestions on obvious things that I probably know?


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I never said I can’t afford a bus pass, I’ve just been slacking on getting a car because the bus is free, once I have to start paying I might as well get a car and put that money towards gas instead of giving it to the city/state.


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When are they going back? I haven’t heard anything, man that’s gonna suck I’m really used to not paying ugh.


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Normally I would but I have so many projects going on right now, I have to put a new engine in my boat before the summer, I have some Adirondack chairs I need to build, I have a bunch of half finished birdhouses that I need to complete before spring, plus I work 40/50 hours a week on top of that so if it saves me an afternoon or two of tinkering around with a design I’ve never built before I’ll take it!


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Have you heard about the liquid battery that someone just developed? I remember reading a story about it on Reddit about 3-6 months ago, the tech was basically a rechargeable liquid that you fill up your battery with, when the charge runs low it can be swapped out for freshly charged fluid at a filling station or recharged at home or work or wherever. I thought the whole concept and tech would be pretty revolutionary as it’s combining the low emissions of an EV with the convenience of gasoline style fill up. There was no word on how expensive the liquid battery fluid was to produce or how bad it is for the environment in terms of the inevitable spills that would happen. It was one of those things where I thought in 10 years it will be the norm and change the way we live or we’ll never hear anything about it ever again.