Bob_Chris t1_jcza2m3 wrote

I was given a McIntosh MC-30 Monoblock amp about 30 years ago which was used as part of a home sound system in at my uncle's house in Binghamton, NY. Had to have been purchased late '50s early '60s based on when that model was made. And they were $153.50 when new ($1560 today). I never got it up and running myself, but ended up selling it on Ebay about 5 years ago for $1200. So basically maintained its value over time.

I'm guessing your amp has done about the same.


Bob_Chris t1_isgpkvf wrote

I don't mean that - when it's being flipped into the net and flipped end over end, it does not move like something that has 250lbs of mass in a somewhat small and low center of gravity package.

Look at the way it lands upside down and wobbles around - I moves like it weighs 25lbs not 250. Something with that much mass in that type of package doesn't land and flop around that way.