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Completely unrelated.

James Harrison

Specifically, his blood contains an extremely rare enzyme that can be used to treat babies dying of Rhesus disease. If you’ve never heard of that disease and figure it’s not a big deal, well, wait for the numbers.

Harrison, being a generous type, has donated his rare, life-saving blood roughly 1,000 times over 56 years. This has saved the lives of–seriously, you’re not going to believe this–over two million babies around the world.


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Reply to comment by [deleted] in CT number 1 in taxes? by dubauoo

Wyoming is ruled by the fossil fuel, timber, and cattle industries. Complaining about pollution there is damn near illegal.

I'm not kidding about ruled either. They exercise full control over the state legislature.


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I'm old enough to remember when DD was actually good. Their donuts today are a pale imitation of what they used to be.