Bobisadrummer t1_j38kzho wrote

It’s funny how you try to say something is divorced from reality, yet you’re the one who has zero experience in the kind of world he lives in. You’re damn right 40 years is too steep. They wanted to give him life. You know why prosecutors do that? They intentionally over charge to pressure people into pleading into lesser charges. This justice system is a sham. It’s always been like that specially for people of color. Maybe he should have become a cop instead. At least then he’d have gotten a paid vacation.


Bobisadrummer t1_j37n6pf wrote

You mean to tell me that local news media and journalist, who frequently publish police press releases and pass them off as articles with out any further research, don’t tell the whole story? No way! Then again, you’re the person who tried to tell me, someone who’s in ems, how to drive an ambulance… Seems you have a habit of trying to comment on things you know nothing about. You should fix that.