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Yea, black flies and deer flies can be pretty awful in May.

Deer flies are attracted to the tallest thing, so stick a piece of duck tape with the sticky side out on top and towards the back of a baseball hat.

Head nets work too.

Other than that, I'd probably bring some extra strength hydrocortisone.


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Keep in mind that New Hampshire Town governments have a lot more power than in GA. So you will see big differences in prices based solely on what town it happens to fall in. Things like vehicle registration, trash, schools, and road maintenance all go through the towns here and the quality of those services can vary drastically.


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I've gone through a bunch of neoprene waders and they all suck. It's always the boots or the joint between the boots and the waders that fails. I've never had an issue with my boot footed fishing waders, but they aren’t neoprene. It looks like Frog Togg makes a boot foot neoprene wader, I'd probably start there.