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There is a required PA hunter safety course you have to take. I took it over 40 years ago but I would assume it's still the same --- basically about 4-5 hours classes where you watch videos about gun safety and stuff like that and then take a short test which everyone passes. You might even get a chance to shoot a gun but not sure about that. Once you get your license, you can pretty much do whatever you want --- just make sure you get permission to hunt on private land. Hunting just involves a lot of common sense --- don't shoot at something moving in the underbrush --- it might be a dog or coyote or human! Try not to wound deer by flinging lead all over the place, practice on the range so you can make a deadly shot and bring down your animal in a humane way. Most of all, just enjoy being outdoors and HAVE FUN.


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I don't think the PAGC would get involved unless it was some kind of commercial operation --- like if somebody posted on their Facebook page "I will have access to 10 deer kills and will sell the meat at $8 per pound" type of thing

The PAGC has no jurisdiction over what an individual does with a legally-harvested deer.


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Umm, it might be just as easy as asking somebody in here to donate some or all of their deer meat to you? However, you might have more luck going to a local processing center and asking the owners to call/text you if anyone is looking to donate their kill. There is a deer processing shop in just about every small town in PA, so I would just call the few that are local to you and put your name on a list. I would guess around 20% of hunters will donate their kill since they don't care about eating the meat. You could also try posting on Facebook that you would like to try some venison and somebody on your friends list will hook you up. Prepared the right way, venison can be quite tasty!