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I never entirely eliminated sugar, but I made quite a dent just focusing on one thing. I gave up drinking sugar. After a while I noticed that I actually do enjoy black coffee, unsweetened tea, and crisp water. In my opinion, it's a good way to start and see where it goes.


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I'm sitting comfy as a mechanical engineer surrounded by EE, software, controls, and soforth doing just fine. I think what is in great demand is good experienced engineers. Really people with a documented track record. The trick is picking one you like and getting good at it. The only thing I'd think twice about is manufacturing or production engineering. Many companies are going light on that and putting the burden on design/development departments for the sake of economy.


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Yep and I really doubt Covid mutates as easily to avoid a strong cardio system and robust immune systems like it has for the various vaccines. Don’t get me wrong they are good too and I keep up with them but they are my plan B behind a healthy and active lifestyle.


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I have a similar deal. When setting up an auto pay they gave me an option of the day anytime between the first and fourteenth. The one advantage I’ve had with the earlier days was the time I just plain forgot to move enough money to that account which triggered an email giving me time to correct that and them a chance to repeat the auto pay without a late payment.