BoneDogtheWonderBoy t1_ja0bd09 wrote

You said a thing attacking the entire post with a ridiculous straw man. You claimed that because people found the arrest to be uncalled for, that somehow law & order has broken down and people are advocating for anarchy. Your innocent comment was straight up dishonest at best. When me, and many other people called that out, you immediately got defensive and instead of actually trying to defend or explain your opinion, you went straight to wholly unrelated, based on nothing personal insults about masculinity. You lost your mind because people accurately called your callous comment, callous.

And STILL you won’t answer the simple question of who was he harming or abusing? This is your chance to explain your position, or admit that you’re using wildly inaccurate statements to appeal not to logic or reason, but to emotion. You brought up his past charges as if that has any relevance on whether or not the arrest was warranted.

And since then, you’ve tried to claim some kind of moral high ground, pretending that you thought that a jail sentence would actually be of help to him.

So far you’ve used absurd strawman arguments, went straight to personal attacks, brought up unrelated issues to character assassinate the suspect, “relished the confrontation”, made a “heads I win, tails you lose” conditions to assure your “victory” regardless of response, and now youre trying to walk it back and paint yourself as the calm rational one. It’s hilariously, textbook predictable and transparent. Seriously, just compare me to Hitler and you’ve filled out the entire sad internet loser bingo card. If you have the capacity for self reflection, I hope that this was a humbling and eye opening experience for you. But I somehow doubt it will be.


BoneDogtheWonderBoy t1_j9zzi0d wrote

Ah yes the “I told them to reply, so if they do, I win, and if they don’t, I win” play. Really only makes sense if you’re that desperate for wins in your life that making up some weird self serving conditions that guarantee your “victory”. Your every attempt at a comeback just makes you look sadder. Still dodging those simple questions huh? Can’t be faced to defend your own words so you’re just doubling down on the fantasy you made out of me to try to recover some of your wounded ego? Sounds like you need the W more than I do.


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What help are they offering him? What assistance besides a jail sentence awaits him after being arrested? And who was harmed by him eating the chips rather than throwing them away? You keep cowardly running away from simple questions and instead make wild strawman arguments and keep fantasizing about the possibility of upsetting a stranger. Does that sound like the response of a rational and well adjusted person? To relish in the outrage caused by their words?

“I love watching you spiral into mental despair” I mean for fucks sake, you sound like someone that tortures cats. And the fact that you formed this weird fantasy of yours based on nothing but the fact that I’m replying to your comments? You’re replying to me, are you also spiraling? It’s just ridiculous on its face. And the saddest part is, I know that you know that you’re pathetic. This isn’t how happy compassionate people react to having their values questioned.

You legitimately need help.


BoneDogtheWonderBoy t1_j9zs6vf wrote

There are imax theaters that are envious of your projection capabilities. These are ridiculous, pathetic, childish strawman arguments, even by internet standards. I don’t think that a jail sentence is appropriate for someone eating $3 worth of food bound for the trash, so that means I think it’s ok to break the law and harm people?! Even you know how pathetic that stretch is. You keep saying harm and abuse, who was harmed or abused by those chips being eaten rather than thrown in the trash? You keep avoiding that question, because you know the answer is no one.

I don’t think that we need to needlessly contribute to our already astronomical incarceration rate over such trivial acts, so I celebrate chaos?! And me vocalizing these things makes me soft, whiny, feminine, and crying?! LMAO How fragile is your sense of your own masculinity if that’s your immediate go-to for someone having the audacity to call you out on your apathy to people in need?

You’ve done nothing to defend your own words, only make wholly unfounded (and almost surely purely projecting) personal attacks on me without actually addressing anything that I’ve said.

Congratulations, you’re an internet caricature.

EDIT:LMAO!!!! Omg you actually wrote “checkmate” on an internet argument. I can’t tell if you’re 12 years old, actually this inept and unaware, or are actually a performance artist satirizing pathetic internet trolls. But if it’s the last one, while impressive, you laid it on a little thick. It’s hardly plausible that any adult human being in this day and age would actually think that made them sound cool or like they won something. I’m not exaggerating, or using hyperbole or anything, I’m literally, audibly laughing at how sad and pathetic you are.


BoneDogtheWonderBoy t1_j9ym312 wrote

Tough and aggressive? Pointing out that you think that jail is an appropriate consequence for $3 worth of food that was on its way to the trash anyways? You’re projecting awfully hard there champ. Was he actively beating anyone at the time? Was he being threatening at the time, or even at any point that day? That week? That month?! Or are you suggesting that he should be arrested for crimes he’s already been punished for? Or because he “might” be dangerous T some point in the future? Do you actually think that jail is “help” for the mentally ill?

It’s borderline hilarious that you’re taking offense and feeling insulted by me repeating your own words back to you and wishing you the same level of help you want for others. If you had any self awareness you’d see what a self own that is on yourself. Or how fragile and projecting it looks for you to baselessly claims I’m either a woman abusing psycho or a child because I dare repeat your words to you. Everything that you’ve been offended by is because you know how shitty your stance is, but you can’t own up to it, so you instead make baseless personal attacks on the person showing you a mirror. Bravo.


BoneDogtheWonderBoy t1_j9uro82 wrote

No it’s shocking how many authoritarian, empathy lacking, privileged babies like you that think prison is appropriate for a homeless person that found food on the ground. Food that would have been thrown away anyways. Who are the police protecting by throwing a hungry person in jail? Are you worried that if he wasn’t properly punished, that homeless person might stumble across more unclaimed food some day? I hope that you are given exactly as much empathy as you give to others if you were to ever lose your life of comfort and privilege.