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So... just for some perspective, that baby is not going to be spending the night in that room for a few months or more after they're born.. most new parents get bassinets and keep the baby next to their own bed. Maybe remind him of that or consider going in on a bassinet for them? Just a thought.


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I'm Canadian...I fixed it. Lol

So Little Debbie makes them all I take it? It's not it's own thing like a Twinkie? Lol.

I never grew up with that stuff in Canada. I tell you what though, after my seventeenth package of Nutty buddy's I knew I needed to stay far away from anything closely resembling that packaging so when I see them in the grocery store my eyes glaze over and I flit right past them! Lol There's a lot of different iterations!


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SC here. We used to get duck eggs from a friend but he had to get out of the game cause his relationship imploded.

I hate Walmart. 😒

And MtD and I've never had a Little Debbie so I can't comment on that... I have had a Nutty Buddy tho, so guilty as charged there I guess... 😅