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Before i recount this experience i just want to clarify i know that many, many others have had it much much worse and my heart goes out to them. I was super lucky, but at the same time never a trouble maker and just wanted to keep a low profile, peacefully participate/march, listen to speakers and observe.

I’ve experienced just what you described years ago in 2011 at Liberty Plaza, (Zuccotti Park). I’m a quiet person, much more so at that time. I had no signs, no offensive t-shirt or clothing, no long hair, no amplifying devices, no drugs, wasn’t drinking, they weren’t making an announcement, closing down the park for night. It wasn’t racial, we were the same race. I racked my brain for a long time after, analyzing what reason this officer had to do what he did. I have no idea to this day why this white shirt chose me, but it was super weird and surreal just like much of Occupy Wall Street was.

I was standing in one of the concrete brick bench circles, (i don’t know if they are still there or if the park has been given a makeover), at the NE corner of the park. A white shirt officer walked up to me inside that circle and i had no where to go, i was backed up against the bench. All he did was stand still, right in front of me, look me right in the eyes and stare, inches away, for what seemed like an eternity. I must have made a gesture looking behind me to try to show that I don’t have anywhere to go, but that didn’t faze this guy at all.

I can’t remember what else i did except just stand there and wait until he gave up on whatever his goal was. No words were even exchanged. I wanted to show this ape that I wasn’t afraid and would not take the bait. I kept my mouth shut and patiently waited and i either squeezed backward, awkwardly climbing out of that pinned position, scraping up my shoes or he walked away. I mostly just remember being pinned, the stare with arms crossed, silence and looking down at me like i was a cockroach.


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NYPD did this, (kettling, imprisonment in vans with no bathroom breaks, and more I can’t remember), in 2004 during the Republican National Convention. They were sued and eventually lost. Lots of tax payer money has been lost over the years to law suits due to NYPD heavy handedness, politics, escalation tactics. Does anyone remember the 2008 body slamming that briefly hit the mainstream news and then vanished?





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You’re welcome! If you want to get a feel for what Manhattan and Soho in general were like in 1985, watch Martin Scorsese’s “After Hours”. It might be on one of the streaming platforms. There’s one Subway station scene, but there are lots of characters up all night.


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Check out “Subway” by Bruce Davidson. It’s an art photography book, the hardcover is a bit expensive, but you may be able to find his photos online. It’s definitely NYC in the 1980s. Davidson photographed the Guardian Angels on the trains, a private army of vigilantes that helped more than understaffed transit force and understaffed NYPD.

Commuters and 9-5ers, some bridge and tunnel still rode the trains but you had to be tough and probably would avoid going down into the underground lines at night. Above ground platforms could be dangerous at night too.

Edit: Regular fare was .90 cents in 1985, not $1.75 like i said before.