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They're the other shop on my mind when I posted this but didn't mention them cus I thought it might sound shill-y:) Excellent wine selection and prices, they initially turned me on to pét-nat and I don't think I've had a bad wine from them. Love the corn salad when they have it. Will note that their large pizza is a lot better than the small due to crust consistency.


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I got a GSD from Daily Rider on H and an HSD from REI*, was happy with both places. Daily Rider is more "bespoke" and personal, REI's "members ($30/yr) get flats fixed for ~$9" is an amazing deal.

*I didn't really need the second bike but figured one good tern deserves another...


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The majority of two-child cargo ebike setups that I've seen in DC are the Tern GSD followed by the RadWagon (forgot to mention Xtracycle in the prior post, there are a few here and there). Aside from the UrbanArrow/front-bucket bikes and people in the Netherlands I haven't seen too many people put a child in the front on a two kid bike here, there's issue splitting attention as well as balance unless you're an experienced rider.

I have a GSD and I love it. No kids but I use it to carry a dog in each side pannier. Happy to answer any questions about the bike, hopefully someone with more experience specific to your situation can chime in about seating configurations (essentially bar enclosure vs seats I think? realized the tent fort is just for weather and needs the bars to function)


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If you're going for a bike that fits both kids simultaneously/safely then your options are limited to the bigger cargo ebike models like the Tern GSD (really nice but $$$), Urban Arrow ($$$), the RadPower RadWagon 4 (cheap), or the Yuba Spicy Curry. There's a few mid-size models that can work but may be a little cramped like the Tern HSD or the Blix Packa (cheap). Your choices may be dictated by "how" you want to ferry the kids on the bike (front bucket? rear cage/corral/bars? seats? "fort" enclosure?) and where you can safely store it.