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I am a child of four mothers, two of which are Jewish, so for the first ten years of my life I was raised in Judaism. Then shit happened, didn't have any contact with those two until I was 14, I'm on good terms with one of them-- that doesn't matter.

What matters is that I have so much respect for Jewish traditions. I will not let myself die until I see a fucking Hanukkah episode of a TV show.

And the food! Jesus Christ Holy Moses! My families consist of Russian, Polish, and Italian, and damn do we eat well, but there is nothing that quite compared to homemade matzah ball soup.


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Alright, I figured out that Piast does delivery and I'm in range so I've ordered kielbasa (I would take the trip but I've gotta clean all day today). I will update once I've eaten.


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Yes. Just... Yes.

This is what got me on the look.

I went to Thanksgiving yesterday at my Grandma's place in Monroe Township, or... 2 days ago (Fuck it's 3 am). And my uncle (lives in Bayonne) brought kielbasa (As he always does). But this time I thought "Oh shit, this kielbasa is some of the best food I've ever eaten", sadly the trip isn't always possible.


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As a comic book collector I can think is that he could be out there getting a whole bunch of copies of Action Comics #1 and storing them in a box in the ground at that very moment but instead he's doing whatever the fuck he's doing.

If only he knew.