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I thought the Swizzler burger and fries were excellent. The line was slow, but I'll cut 'em some slack since it was just their second day in operation there, and everything came out hot and fresh. And the lines will be much shorter soon when we're seeing less than 5,000 people in the seats every night.


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>it starts with identifying the relatively small group of people responsible for most of the violent crime

I was just having this discussion with some friends. While it may seem like the city is overrun with violent criminals if you spend too much time watching the news or reading this sub, it seems more likely that there are much smaller groups of repeat offenders committing most of these acts. Like the huge number of wheel thefts: the fact that nobody (as far as I know) has even been arrested for this makes it almost certain that a single highly organized and skilled team of people are responsible for pretty much all of them.


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Total Wine out in McLean if you don't mind the trek. They have an enormous selection of beers that nobody in the District can really compete with.