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Are you me? For real though, I'm up for safe spaces to use. I know addiction can be tough as fuck but some people just need relief from the real world. Hard or soft substances, matters not, as long as said person isn't put in a position that endangers themselves or others.

Also also, meth addiction really sucks but alcoholism is the fuckin worse. The whole dying thing isn't cool and if you're epileptic that sorta makes things worse.


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Just give us legal access to other drugs. I sure as shit would rather be nodding off or stimmed up wankin my dick fruitlessly trying to get off when on crystal.

Alcoholism sucks and it just becomes a chore at this point. Quick, run to the store just to feel normal and kill the shakes.

Fun, everyday is an adventure to quell this bullshit, peace be upon you that have mouthwash on hand, at least you have something.

I don't like this article lol