Boreras t1_iuakr68 wrote

> vision of taking down the west in order to become the dominant world superpower

No, and it's pretty easy to see why because they're not constantly organising coups, installing puppet regimes, drone striking half the world, have military bases on every corner on every street, dictating what and how other countries are allowed to trade, spying on everyone, etc.

The problem is I am paying attention and looking past the enormous propaganda hose aimed at us here in the west. Any self reflecting look at the past fifty years and the above paragraph shows that Chinese foreign policy is orders of magnitudes more peaceful than the US. And you can look at how weaker countries like France, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Great Britain behave to see it's not determined by relative power either, it's ideological. China is in a better position but even compared to those weaker five its behaviour is so much better.

I mean the biggest conflict China has had in the past fifty years is a rounding error for the American rape of Vietnam, which would've been classified as one of the greatest crimes against humanity that century, if not outright genocide, had another country done it.

There is this enormous ideological pressure in the west to justify its monstrous behaviour. You desperately need others to be monstrous too, because that's been the Western policy for the past five hundred years.

> we can't just ignore the fact that our adversaries are adversaries anymore

My and your adversaries are the fucking colonial empires that have raped the planet for five centuries. Stop identifying with your monstrous masters and start caring for your equal brothers and sisters.

Besides the result is not going to be the a world dictatorship under one country as we've had the last centuries but a multipolar world. China is not able to become that dominant, plus India, Nigeria, will develop too.


Boreras t1_iu9956p wrote

It's incredibly funny that when you're told you're not immune to propaganda, you immediately resort to "whataboutism". It's just a propaganda term to immediately shut down all critical thought and any context.

Imagine trying to tell someone they're in a cult and after every clear overlap with other cults they start crying whataboutism.