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Whereas I agree that the example you've given would be frustrating, I feel like you're looking to micromanage conversations.

I'm an adult, and if I make a claim like you said, and someone insists on my giving proof when I cannot, I make the adult decision to discontinue the discussion.


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Calling an entire group of people "pedophiles" is wrong and I understand why they might get booted.

However, I think we need to be open enough to debate whether it's a good idea to have drag queen story hours in local libraries or schools. That could be a good discussion as long as we keep from straying into the "crude stereotypes" territory.

I think the same can be said about discussions regarding race, crime, depression or anything else that occurs in the commonwealth.


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Great post.

And like I wrote before, I'm not against playful banter among friends. I love to tease my CT, NH or my southern friends, and I expect the same thing in return.

What I take exception to is the blatant arrogance and churlish insults that go beyond playful banter. Insults that are meant to demean and insult the intelligence of people from certain states.


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I'm not against making jokes about other states - I love to tease my sister in NH or my family and friends in CT.

But some of what goes on in this forum goes beyond teasing and joking and an almost disregard for the people who live in those places.

I love Massachusetts, and I hope to return one day to live, but it's not perfect.


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I get needing front and back plates, but yearly inspections can be a bit tedious.

I have since moved out of state, but my mother was told that her car wouldn't pass inspection because her license plate was "too faded." Last time I saw her car was in August and it really wasn't that faded.

I could see having inspections ever 2 years for cars older than five years, but every year is a bit much.