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Good writeup. Yeah those 4 seasons were supreme. Even when met with competition like Breaking Bad or Sopranos, what wins the case for GOT is how many levels above it was compared to others in ambition and scope. Basically it was much easier to mess up Thrones than something like Mad Men or BB. There are just so many parts in motion and a great skill was required to make it all coherent and thrilling.

> After seasons 7 and 8 and what they did to the show, a large part of my life was just gone.

Same. I dunno how many hours I have sunk in watching, reading, discussing, arguing over Thrones.

> the reason why i included season 5 which wasn't as good as season 4 is beacuse of episode 8 "Hardhome", which is a straight 10/10 )

Hardhome is magnificent. I always get chills during the last 20 minutes or so. Such fine piece of filmmaking.

HOTD was above average. The story isn't exciting and neither are the characters too compelling. But visually it is dazzling.


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> That was the first movie I saw in theaters solo, all my friends were like "nah fuck that" so as an Evil Dead nerd I was like for sure no worries, peace out. And it ended up being one of the best theater experiences ever.

I can imagine. Horror makes for a fantastic cinema experience, granted there are no annoying teens who ruin the fun.

> Love how shit just continually hits the fan throughout the movie, just when you think they'll get a moment of peace, something else horrifying happens.

Exactly. The horrors are brutal. They just keep on coming at quick pace. No room to breathe.

> Whole crowd was going wild for the last 20 minutes especially. But like in the fun, not obnoxious kinda way.

Must have been really fun. The last 20 mins are awesome. I can imagine a loud cheer at the line "Feast on this, motherf***er!"


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> I did roll my eyes.I went in with low expectations,but it was a great ride.

Same. I saw it on Netflix recently after having it in my watchlist for a long while. I thought it would be a lazy remake. The scores on RT (63%) and IMDB (6.5) didn't inspire much confidence. But by the end I was really convinced. I don't think it's a great movie. Don't know even if it makes my top 10 horror movies. But it surely makes my top 10 movies with the most/best scares.

> Full credit to Jane Levy.She earned her pay check.I can’t image acting how many hours a day they filmed for a few months either hysterical or intense.

Yes Jane Levy was immense. She was also excellent in Don't Breathe. I think she should have had a much better career with great scripts being thrown her way. Great talent and is charismatic. Very pretty too.