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Ohhh did I!!! I should had seen it coming but I was honestly getting tipsy by the time I lost!!

I thought I was kicking the guys asses then out of no where one after the other I was done!!! Like WTF just happened 🤣 to this day I still shake my head with that evening. I rarely ever talk about it too so sshhhhh!!


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As much as I used to love bagels ummmm I stay far, far away from them. The amount of carbs I'd devour with just one bagel would be an hour plus, maybe two hours for me on the treadmill 🙄

It does look delicious. Can't lie!


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I'm so happy even with my kids off school this week ....... the plan was to do stuff to but like in their rooms, basement for Xbox, or even living room haaaa!!!

Doing stuff this week will only get you stuck in traffic on said Turnpike or at the parking lot mall. Hence like 3 posts about how much the American Dream mall sucks this week 🤣

I sure hope you're no longer in that stuck in that traffic!?!?!


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We've gone to Latour several time for our date nights. It's ways been a pleasant evening there and it's very close by too for us. Next town over as well 🙂 enjoy yourselves!!


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Awwww I'm sorry if you weren't able to at least see the aquarium!?!?

Guess we need to remember on these days after a holiday it's really best to just stay home since everyone will be out and about for rhe obvious reasons.

This entire week with no school it'll be crowded everywhere. We're going day skiing one day this week and expect it to be busy.


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That's great to hear!!!

If I can ask you ....... are there a good amount of tables there? If there's only a couple then on a busy Friday or Saturday night there'll be guys waiting for " next " and I hate it when guys sit there and watch me play.

I'm much better than my husband so I'll beat his ass quickly but I'd rather take my sweet ass time. That can only be done if there's like 5 or 6 tables I think??

Hoping to hang out there soon and have drinks whoohooo 🙂


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OMG thank you for this!!

We just recently moved in the area and never knew about Stosh in Fairlawn.

It's literally like less than 10 minutes from where I am rn!! My husband and I first met playing pool and this would be a really nice date night for us to like " rekindle " our love haaaaaa 🤣

Thaaaaank you again!