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The layoffs in tech seem to be all about pleasing Wall Street. Microsoft is making billion upon billions in profits - yet they are laying people off? Google is the same. So are many others.

This seems mostly a case of "Other companies cut costs and Wall Street will be angry if we don't cut costs too!!!!"


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HOS tracking has existed in the United States for decades. Its more recent that the practice went from mostly paper logs to digital tracking - which is significantly more accurate and less easily fudgable.


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Unfortunately, Toyota and Honda have both severely underperformed when it comes to EVs.

My Bolt is fantastic. It might not be for everyone, but it does the job and beyond. It's the practical, accessible EV at this point. And for $10K+ lower than the rest I am very happy. AND I would note that up to $1K of my payment is used to add a charger in my home.


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I have driven the Ioniq 5, Mustang MachE and the Bolt EV, in addition to various friend's Teslas.

I'm kinda "meh" on the Teslas. The ride was fine, but I can't get past the aesthetic. Its just not my thing.

The Ioniq 5 was really fun, but it paled in comparison to the MachE. That thing is just fantastic.

But in the end we bought a Bolt. We have an ice car for family travel (there are six of us), but the Bolt for more solo local trips. Its worked out well. I don't understand how the Bolt isn't even more popular. It's a fantastic deal.


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It's terrifying to think that we share a state, country and planet with a sizable number of people who believe they get daily messages from "God".

What's even worse is the number of people who will vote in lock-step with those people because they might get a tax cut out of it.

"Sure they think women are property, lgbtq people should be murdered and that non-Christians are abominations...but they also want the same middle class tax cut that I do!!"


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His handling of the entire thing was insane. And the weirdest part: the media was fucking rallying around him and he still squandered it.

I will always remember he was doing one of his endless afternoon press briefings (you know the ones where he didn't have to be on camera talking about a subject he was woefully ill-informed on - but he was!) and some ABC reporter served him the softest of softball questions.

Reporter: "Mr. President. A lot of people are really scared. What would you tell them right now?".
Trump: "How dare you ask that. You're terrible. That's what I think. A disgrace! Asking me such a biased question!"

All the dumb chucklefuck had to do was say something like "I know people are nervous but we will get through this together!" or "You have my word as President that we are doing everything we can as one nation!" But nope! He somehow managed to fuck it up.

The reporter underhand tossed a beachball sized easy question and the guy whiffed like a pouty baby. It was incredible to behold.