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Paul Pelosi got like... a week for drunk driving a few weeks ago.

George W Bush blew like a .2 .4 during a DUI stop in the 70's

DJT. Jr is a coke head.

Hunter Biden likes crackhead who has a taste for underaged sex-slaves.

Basically - be connected and you can do whatever the fuck you want.


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>A Nashua man is facing DUI charges after police said he fell asleep while behind the wheel in Windham.

What's more likely - he was driving around outside of Windham doing a turn & burn or this dude said:

"Hey instead of smoking this crack I just scored, I'ma go drive 20 minutes park in the woods, smoke it safely while parked and the engine off - then not drive back home until I sober up" - sounds like an awful lot of restraint for crackhead.


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SSRI's are junk science. There are MOUNTAINS of evidence to show they have little to no effect or worse had a disassociate effect. Something like half the research on anti-depressants was suppressed or went unpublished.

The whole brain\chemical imbalance dubious too


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I absolutely believe they should lose those rights while under confinement and under various early release programs.

They've proven they can't operate in society - why should they get a say in how society operates?

They're also - routinely - some of the least literate, educated, and informed people on the planet... hell if they were any good at forethought they probably wouldn't be in jail.

I'd sooner let 16 year olds vote than someone serving a sentence.

I am, however, also of the opinion that mandatory civics\reading tests should be require before you can vote - and we should raise the age to like 25


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>If they were convicted of using a firearm in a crime (even unloaded, not fired, etc) I don’t believe they should get that right back.

I don't believe they should be let out.

Part of the problem I see with a lot of this is we treat simple nonsense crimes the same as we do violent crimes.

Rape, Murder, Armed\Aggravated Assault should be punished by decades long sentences (with very easy to understand strict prosecution standards, avoiding mandatory minimums, and extenuating circumstances aside of course). I agree that rehabilitation should be the ambition... but the truth of the matter is some crimes - rehabilitation isn't nearly as important as separating someone from society.

Also - Make prison punishment again. No bullshit privileges, no bullshit commissary, no bullshit work release programs. They should be largely responsible for growing their own food - incorporating fasting, meditation, and reading as part of the daily activities. Men\Women shouldn't go to prison just to stack protein and work out while learning to be more dangerous criminals.

Part of the problem in our society is straight up prosecutorial misconduct - supercharging easy convictions while giving sweet heart deals and early release to the real scum of the earth - because we filled our prisons with people who just didn't belong there.

Most crimes we charge people with should be re-evaluated.


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Allow me.

Assuming he is no longer serving a sentence or parole, he should absolutely have his gun rights an voting rights restored. The additional penalty society applies by forcing him to surrender his rights well AFTER he's already served his time - is tantamount to making him a second class citizen. My stepfather wasn't able to vote for almost 10 years because of fist fight he got in he was 17.

Arguably - if he's not paid enough of a debt to society, to be trusted with a firearm in a society where firearms are part of the everyday culture, then why was he released from prison at all?

We regularly restrict people who are on parole, probation, or suspended sentence other forms of sentence disbursement from consuming drugs, alcohol, leaving the state etc - but that is by condition of agreement. they agree to those standards.


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I'm not interested in handing junkies more money for junk so they can neglect their kids... The real problem is we punish parents for being poor, having low standards of living, or mental health issues - they deserve slack and support and empathy. Honestly, the all or nothing approach our CPS\Court systems take... is absurd - takes a rational decision out of people who were once paid to make rational decisions.

Dope fiends can kindly fuckoff to back allies and waste their lives on their own dime.