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If you slouch long enough, especially without support, it will hurt.

Good posture involves the muscles of the abdomen and hips to support the spine and hold the torso in an upright position.

When we are slouching, we aren’t engaging those muscles. So, I’m the short term, any t length of your back will start to ache from the strain of sort of hanging between your hips and shoulders.

In the long term, the muscles we should be using become weak and the poor posture causes damage to the spine, causing pain as our bodies rely more and more on the spine itself to hold us upright, when the meat Fram around the spine is supposed to be doing most of the work.


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Here’s things that have been helpful to me:

Use small dishes. After you clear the little plate, if you don’t feel “full” yet, stand up and drink some water. If you’re still hungry after a few minutes, then go ahead and take a little more food.

Don’t have distractions (TV, phone) in front of you while you eat.

Have plenty of better-for-you and easy to grab or prepare options available. That includes bringing snacks with you when you are out-and-about. An apple and a nut bar do way more to hold me over until I get home than the burger or nuggets I’d be likely to pick up if I get hangry while running errands.

Eat when you are hungry. Even if “dinner is in an hour.” Have something healthier now before your level of hunger makes it harder to make good decisions about what and how much you eat.

Have salads. Eat a large portion of salad or other vegetable at the beginning of your meal to fill up with fiber.

Don’t be afraid of saving or trashing “the last little bit” of whatever is on your plate.

Instead of focusing on keeping “bad” foods out of your body, move your attention to putting “good foods” in. Most Americans do not get enough fiber. Start there: vegetables, beans and lentils, whole grains


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This particular report was commissioned by the state of Indiana in account of some of the contaminated soil from EP being disposed of there. However, it was only two samples of imprecise origin—location, depth unclear, and may have been diluted with other dirt.

Further testing is called for.


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How important are the opinions of people who would judge you for harmlessly being yourself? Sometimes they matter—an important work client, someone in a position to get you a good job or contract or spot in a program. But this lady? Other people who knew you when you were little but not who you are as an adult? Their prejudices and unkind opinions are none of your business. Keep being you!!


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We were all infants in diapers, once. But I haven’t shit myself since I was a child. I have fumbled the toilet paper on rare occasion, adjusting for a second pass. But it’s much more like “eek! The tissue touched me!” And not “aww man, shit all over my labia again??”


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In the fourth declension nominative cases are the same for singular and plural. But which words are 4th declension and how can you tell? If I knew I might have scored better on my AP Latin exam 16 years ago.


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That’s not true. Dehydration means you are taking in less water than you are losing to the point that your body isn’t working well. The first signs of mild dehydration include thirst, but also headaches, muscle cramps, dark urine, cool dry skin.

If you are just thirsty, you should drink some water. But just being a little thirsty doesn’t mean you are in danger of anything.


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Lol. If you took my car to the next town over and I called the cops to report it as stolen, if they find you before you return the car the they will treat it as stolen and arrest you, and you will have to use my limited permission as a criminal defense. I’m that case, you’d better be VERY credible when explaining to the judge or jury that you really were going to return it, I was just too hasty!

However, if you returned it and then I found out you drove it further than intended and I then reported to police that you stole my car, they’d look in my driveway and say “that car? But it’s right here. Stop wasting our time.” But I’d still have the option to sue you at the current mileage rate, though it wouldn’t be worth it.

I’m not sure how the legal principals around a minor giving his parents his valuables to pawn shakes out. In reality it is very stupid to give someone something to pawn and expecting it back. But we’ve got a 16 year old kid trusting his parents and wanting to help them out. They’re clearly lowlifes for doing this.