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  1. Everyone here looks like humans with green skin and stalks. Their language is not exactly English yet exactly like English.

  2. It's a pacifist society with a small, real empire (a single moon, because nobody lived there) and one of the few planets in the galaxy to have achieved World Peace. That's mostly because every marvian has genetically developed an aversion to conflict. Except Clark. Clark's gonna destroy them all someday, I'm calling it.

  3. Other empires mock them, so out of peer pressure they send footsoldiers to outer worlds to "conquer" them (make the leader sign a formal contract oficializing their ultimate defeat on the hands of the great and undefeatable Great Undefeatable Empire.) The only person who likes doing this is Clark. Fuck off, Clark.

Here's the story from where this world is from. Would love to see your take :)

Also the song


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The Garden of Eden

I come from a time now immemorial. When the Earth's soil was of a lifefull green tone. As I walk the Valley of the Shadow of the Garden, I see nothing but the endless streams of sauce, the pasta stretching over all there is like tendrils from a parasite. Food isn't a problem: I can reach and grab as much pasta as I want while stuffing breadsticks into my mouth for it never spoils, yet my body has recently been rejecting it. There is still water, somewhere. Where I walk now once was a coastline; the sea tinted with red. Tomato red.

We were fools. We were so certain of our own reality, that we knew it all, conquered all aspects of life... Then the true, unspeakable nature of the darkness manifests in the inoffensive form of an Italian restaurant. Inside those kitchens they boiled, poured, tasted, stired the bringer of doom. Those feeble of mind worshipped the sauce after it took over. Called it Armagnocchi, the Red One. They make sacrifices and serve the flesh bathed in the sauce.

I still beg to the one true Lord for mercy, as I understand this is the End of Times and it is the False King. I will not abide to the sauce's call. I repugnate the sauce, I mock it.

I stand still at the late beach. I breath in the holy wind of the Earth, untouched from the Devil's and I shout with all my will and strength.

“I prefer Sushi!”