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Yup. This. The screens are killer. I love my FiiO BTR5 because it's screen isn't color or large. Granted it's not a DAP, it needs a phone which there ya go - limited battery life.

The other thing I think that drains the battery here is the amp part of these devices. Some can deliver a decent bit of power and that costs a lot of juice.

Running android isn't a very battery efficient thing to do. Though it lets you install all sorts of apps. So it's convenient. People want Qobuz or Tidal. So that's what companies need to do in order to sell to those customers. That by nature means battery life is going to be tough.

I think if someone was really smart - they'd build a very stripped down operating system of some sort that could run Roon and have that tap into online services or pull from the network. Really optimize on battery. Even still though, it'll be tough to get back to 40+ hours I think. "All day" (which sometimes isn't even all day - certainly not after battery life starts to wear) is the only real target most devices have these days. Phones, laptops, audio players or otherwise.


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I think people rave about them for a few reasons. First. They are entry level planar. A lower priced pair of headphones that introduces people to something new and different.

Second. They may have been better before. I have a pair of he400i and sure, prices come down, but maybe they lost something on the newer versions. This wouldn't be the only time. Look up the he-6. They remade that one and it's no where near the original. Doesn't stop them from charging a lot for it...then you see the Adorama sale and start wondering why you can get them for so much less.

Hifiman has some weird pricing strategies that have kinda turned me off the brand. Though I have a few pairs of them, they aren't my favorite headphones.'s the tricky thing about "mid-fi" and Hi-Fi headphones -- at a certain point, it's not about quality, it's about sound signature and your preferences. If a pair doesn't sound good to you, then just find another pair. Even if that pair is cheaper. Price doesn't mean much of anything. So don't feel bad. Return them or sell them and try something else.

Definitely try to go to a meetup or CanJam or store that has some to demo. You'll feel a lot better about your purchase and you may even be willing and confident in spending more.

I've found this hobby to be a slippery slope though.


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Yes, I was thinking about that after I posted and didn't update it. Inputs/outputs a serious reason to upgrade or just change. Also balanced vs unbalanced and I say that not from a sound quality perspective but if there's noise and such. I had to get a balanced DAC or amp to help remove some feedback/ground loop type static. I didn't try one of those $1,000 power cables though 😂


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DACs can sound slightly different, but in my experience most sound the same. I have heard some that are different, but they were older, from a different company, etc. Again only slightly different. An ear pad swap on a pair of headphones would change the sound more dramatically.

I think there's just zero point to buying a DAC expecting an upgrade unless it's for what it can do technically like MQA or DSD etc. Not for how it sounds because you likely won't be able to tell.


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I think it depends on which model and also what you're driving them from. I'm not an expert on them, this is just based on what I've heard from others. Particularly in this price range. However, I do know that the T5 are known for their bass presentation. They would be at a higher price point though.


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Sennheiser maybe. You may also find their 6xx series too bright though. I'd also look at Beyerdynamic.

I have the MSR7 they are definitely bright and I found them somewhat fatiguing. For me it was the headband and the hotspot on top of my head that made them unbearable.

Maybe a used pair (since they're discontinued) of Audioquest Nighthawk or Nightowl (you'll likely need to EQ them to preference, few people I think like them as is, but they are VERY good when EQ'd and INSANELY comfortable - you will likely never find a more comfortable pair of headphones to be honest).

I think you will struggle to find a very competent neutral/reference headphone in this price range that doesn't come off as too bright.

JM modded R7XD might be nice if you want closed back. Not going to be as technical as MSR7, but his mod really helps that headphone punch above its weight.