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Older carbureted engines would use a lot of fuel to start up, so there was a “5 minute rule.” If you were stopping for less than 5 minutes, it would use more gas than letting the car idle. I have no idea if this is true or not scientifically, but that was what people said. These days though, that’s not the case at all. They build cars now that stop the engine at a stoplight and start it back up again 10 seconds later because it’s more efficient with modern engines.


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The reasoning when they made the law ~70 years ago was that it was a safety concern. Really, the full service gas stations relied on their garage business to make most of their money, it was a way to keep a guy out there who could look at your car and potentially sell you service in addition to the gas, while also not having to compete with lower-cost self-service stations.

The reason it’s still a law is that every time it comes up, politicians will cite the potential job losses and just continue to kick it down the road.


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It’s considered an unsecured load and if it falls over your windshield it’s impeded driving. The law doesn’t technically say anything specific about clearing snow off your car, but it is covered under other laws.


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What country are you from? Certain countries have a fast track to a Massachusetts license. Here’s some info on it, but it’s worth calling the RMV if your country isn’t listed.

Edit: also, you should be able to drive on your foreign license with an International Drivers Permit. The IDP is good for one year.