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To be fair, I do have some sympathy for the athletes. She probably began her Olympic training at 10 or 12 years old and was indoctrinated into this program. It’s certainly not fair to the other athletes, but she also probably didn’t have much of a say in it. I’ll criticize the Russian state-sponsored doping program all day long, but some (not all) of these athletes are kind of caught up in a shitty situation.


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The storm is moving in from the west and headed out to sea. Once it passes Boston, the rest of the country will have already cleared up. Inbound delays will clear up relatively quickly and there shouldn’t be much of an issue getting out of Boston on Saturday morning. The timing of the storm helps, the worst of it will come tonight when they’re aren’t as many flights in and out of Logan. Friday will be the catch-up day and Saturday should be relatively fine. I would expect some delays, but cancellations or being stuck in the airport for 8 hours, probably not.


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Policing as we know it wasn’t really a thing until relatively recently (around the turn of the 20th century). Before that, case files didn’t really exist. So yeah, you might be right, but they can only go off of what’s been reported. It’s very rare for a body to be left with no identifying characteristics like this woman’s. The FBI keeps a list of unidentified victims and they only have 53 of them in the whole country.


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The comedy of it was perfect. He keeps trying a bunch of times, then he finally stops for a few seconds and you think he might’ve figure it out, then he goes and slams on the gas again. Eventually, he starts to back up and straighten it out. Ok, he finally gave up and is backing out of the garage, he figured it out. Nope, let me just put it in drive and floor it straight forward again.