BrainOnLoan t1_jdohpps wrote

The spin he put on it should have some traction.

Talking about pain, upset and concern within the military, including commanding officers and pointing to reservists defering service/not showing, etc.

Quite strongly linking this reform and danger to the state of Israel if Israeli society were to fracture due to this (and lack of dialogue with critics).


BrainOnLoan OP t1_iyojpe3 wrote

It wasn't meant to be a serious attack on his political positions back then.

It was a skit poking fun at his tendency to make grandiose and self-centered statements.

Noone actually thought in 2009 that he held right-wing political positions. That made the skit possible because neither the two artists nor fans were thinking it insuated Nazi ideology.

It was just clean fun mocking his vague narcissistic bullshit.

The added irony is only perceived from the future. The perceived accusation (then without substance) wasn't actually implied back then, it was too outlandish.