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OTA got us a landlord check for nearly 5 figures after they'd blatantly screwed around with illegal renewals/increases, all for the cost of one meeting and a follow-up phone call. This was about 6 years back but definitely worth inquiring.


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Awful contractors. Had a tree guy come out Sunday for an estimate who was possibly on some sort of substance - he aggressively demanded to know others' quotes and returned to the house looking for water after leaving. On Monday we had to cancel an $8500 insulation job because the crew smashed a light fixture five minutes into working and said they didn't feel confident they could complete the job without additional damage. This morning's landscapers are two hours late to fix the job that the last landscapers butchered by pulling up all our plants after we'd explicitly asked to leave them be.



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And prohibitive zoning laws that have been in place preventing this for over half a century will just magically become amenable to this? How exactly do you anticipate that proceeding? In which country/ies?

80% of ALL people?

Your hypothesis is incredibly complex and unfortunately probably equally unlikely.


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When I lived in Foggy Bottom there was a trumpet player right outside GW Hospital who would play either Deck the Halls on repeat, year-round - with the same wrong notes each time - or the beginning of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Your guy sounds better.