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The evolutionary advantage of primates losing endogenous Vitamin C production is thought to be related to the availability of Vitamin C in the diet. Primates that lived in tropical environments, where fruits and vegetables were abundant, no longer needed to produce their own Vitamin C and so lost the ability to do so over time. There are no known humans today who are able to produce their own Vitamin C.


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Im debating whether to write this, but i made this post because i got a 60 dollar massage and when it was over i gave the masseuse an 8 dollar tip and she looked at it and her face just got mad and she stopped being nice. And all i could think was “you picked this work not me”. I enjoy your service i was kind and appreciative of your time, i even paid more than what the price was, but you still get mad. Im just personally happy i dont do service work anymore because its very hard to be satisfied. Now if a tip was mandatory included as a service charge i wouldn’t care. Thats the price of the work. 60 for the massage and a 20 percent charge for the masseuse. That makes sense, its included in the price and if you feel really good you can give them more.


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This all boils down to wether you enjoy the job itself or just the money it gets you. Because if you’re just thinking of money you should be working on getting a better higher paying job where you dont need to have a potential tip dangled in front of you to care if you do your job good or not.