Brandonmac10x t1_jeftbv1 wrote

I weight 130 lbs. I eat like a 4/5 a pound of chicken and 1lb of fries some days.

Other days is like 2 and a half cups of rice.

Back when I was making burgers I’d have 3 3/4 lb burgers and a big side of pasta (half a stacked plate).

I eat a lot. And a lot of times I’ll pass out after eating so much because I’m full and don’t want to move.

I’m probably unhealthy af though.


Brandonmac10x t1_jef7t2e wrote

I eat an ok breakfast and then a huge ass dinner when I get home from work. Like stacked plate of food dinner.

Idk why lunch just isn’t my thing. Plus not eating during the day makes me look forward to the big tasty dinner I’m gonna make.

I just love the evening ritual of relaxing and pigging out… then sitting on Reddit for an hour after while I digest.