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Hey, very well thought out response and I appreciate your thoughts.

I think you make a lot of great points and especially in regards to take a step back because even the media I might be consuming that I think “is better” or whatever could be leading me down the right path. Definitely room for nuance in there. Appreciate the in depth response


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😂😂Ahaha back out of the argument because you’re mad and I stated a fact you wrote YA fantasy for middle schoolers. You have done zero anything to actually acknowledge what I’m saying you’re just angry because I’m against people reading unicorn fantasy’s for their entire life. Classic r/books

Good luck my friend


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Well you have obviously have incredibly logic skills from that YA fantasy you read ? 😂😂

But no I’m not confused I’ve already made my argument and get what you’re saying. I’m saying critical thinking is decreased if people only consume mindless media and that goes for books as well


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I mean you’re proving no point you’re just asking questions because you’re too scared to actual make an argument.

And I am assuming that’s all their reading because Reddit posters generally state themselves that’s all they read (see fantasy subs etc)

I’ve stuck to the same point the whole time if you only consume mindless media it’s not good for being a well rounded human. That’s not even a hot take yet I’ve had 17 Redditors try and die on the hill on this point


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You completely missed the point though just like the other poster. The “who cares what you read” is important because it matters what media you consume.

Do you think the media you look at has an effect on your thoughts? Do you think a trend of only looking at mindless media has an effect on the critical thinking ability of people? Because it does, and that’s why you should care what you read/view/etc

Again this is what people on this site keep saying but it doesn’t hold up because they want to be validated so badly

It’s just anti intellectualism disguised as being “welcoming”


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It is though. And you know it. You’re literally defending Harry Potter erotica by saying “it might mean more to one person” when in the grand scheme of humans it’s going to be a nothing piece of work.

It’s just so weird people want to die on this hill.

There’s a reason there are numerous academic articles on Toni Mo and not fan fic. Touch grass. Hope you have a good one as well though.


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To the first point that’s just a terrible comparison. Jogging is completely irrelevant. The point is that it’s media we consume. If you never look at media that makes you think then what do you think happens? You think this has no effect on our thoughts? It’s like any media lol.

Second point sure it’s possible but that’s again a bad point because it’s extremely unlikely Harry Potter erotica is talking about any complex or serious topics. You could could say with ANYTHING that the “one person might find more meaning from it.” It’s a lazy argument


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Yea I think it’s definitely a concern the relative lack of diversity of authors. Especially considering the YA, fantasy space, and Russian Aristocat space is definitely not diverse in terms of mainstream works.

But it’s also just a huge sub and like all big subs lots of repetition takes place


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You made my point though. What I’m saying in terms of the critical thinking there’s an issue with only reading Harry Potter erotica. You’re talking about personal Hobby’s that’s not really relevant because it’s still media we consume.

People can read what they want but you’re not going to develop any critical thinking skills reading It Ends With Us or Fantasy page turners. That’s the point. Just like only consuming Fox News, the media we consume is still important.

And to the point of the erotica leaving a bigger impact… that’s just a critical thinking problem right there lol


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I agree with what you’re saying.

I think this is an important discussion to have. I’m sure people in history have always argued about this subject, but I think your point of things like TikTok coming into play makes this topic very significant moving forward.

My main issue as I said is just the “reading is all equal” like you pointed out. It diminishes the significance of someone’s work and the importance literature has in society. Are we really going to say that the Harry Potter erotica fan fic is equal to something like Lolita? Like come on guys


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Yes. But Reddit subs like this contribute to it heavily. Look at the posts in r/books every week.

Same generic books come up over and over.

Project Hail Mary, Harry Potter, Brandon Sanderson

You don’t have to think critically at all to understand these books. There’s no shame in reading them, but if all the media you consume is like this no wonder there is no room for any discussion or nuanced opinions besides “I LOVED THIS BOOK.”

And yes everyone says “who cares what you read blah blah blah” but If people really can’t see the downside of only consuming clickbait, page turning type media, than that’s just wrong.

Reading is not all equal just as consuming any media isn’t.