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Sure it’s not the best example. My point is that most Irish people don’t follow football, so it’s strange to pick that as a cultural reference.

I think I just got a bit tilted because there’s a lot of dumb irish stereotyping in the thread which, as an actual Irish person, gets very tiring.


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I understand. But it’s just a weird thing to say. Imagine the article was about someone waking up with an American accent and someone said “just give them a bottle of bud light and put on a Brazil game and they’ll be cured”. Just because the US support Brazil the most in the World Cup (when the US aren’t in).


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Yeah they said the system was supposed to simulate 3 years worth of vaping for a human but I find that comparison highly dubious. High dose short-term can’t be directly converted to short dose long-term I believe. I don’t work with mice however so correct me if I’m wrong.


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Some interesting things to note. This study uses the original JUUL pods (59 mg/mL nicotine) which are not being manufactured any more. The newer JUUL2 pods have 18 mg/mL nicotine. I wonder if this might change things.

Additionally, they did not control for flavourings vs nicotine; They used normal air, 30:70 vegetable glycerin:PG, and JUUL mango. It would be interesting to to see a control with just nicotine and no flavourings. And also changes to the lungs for different flavours.