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Talked to the on call doc about that this morning-no other risk factors health wise for me, except age-if my H shows symptoms, he may be a candidate if it’s compatible w his medications…


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We had Efficiency Maine do an audit-it was amazing to watch the blower door test readings go down after they sealed drafty spots around window trim, chimney chases, etc. We received a multi-page report on steps we could take to further insulate and a list of contractors, too. Highly recommend an audit.


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Greenville day trip-the view from Charleston Hill heading towards Dover is gorgeous, and there is a good bakery in Dover, too. Stop in Monson, or is it Abbott, at the General store-the Libra Foundation underwrote some projects in town-Monson is interesting bc of the slate cutting and the AT crosses on the way to Kathadin-Day trip to Dexter to shop at Reny’s and get Dunkin-maybe go to a Red Devils basketball game…


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Most colleges struggle with alcohol abuse and binge drinking and all the other issues mentioned. You obviously have strong feelings about MMA-there are always activities being promoted on that campus that don’t involve alcohol. Why not blame the parents, too? Blaming anyone doesn’t bring those kids back.