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When they say autistic parents, it’s not clear it’s the pregnant one. It’s very confusing. Precise language matters in science. This sets us back.

Non pregnant partners- fathers- can also get depression before and after a baby is born, but they doesn’t seem to be the population studied, or are they? They’re also parents, but not pregnant women.


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I wish they’d just say autistic women and mother instead of people and partner. this makes it unclear if it’s pregnancy or being with a pregnant partner that does this. This language isn’t inclusive, it’s confusing and a bit dehumanizing. Bette Midler is right.

Trans people know their natal sex, it’s gender that’s the issue.


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It is interesting though because in the past, city people had access to meat we’d never eat today. Much of it was far past what we’d consider safe to eat and just flavored or boiled like crazy. It’s why ketchup was invented. It’s hard to imagine that was better than processed. Maybe it wasn’t, I guess people died a lot more from food poisoning back then so didn’t end up with cancer


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Their podcast is good about half the time. The other half resembles npr where they share the same stories over and over they want you to care about. Feels activisty.