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Is there any reason to think cops in places like Chicago or Baltimore are better than DC cops? Because the prosecution rates for local DA offices are about 2-3x better in literally any other jurisdiction than DC. THIS IS NOT NORMAL. Stop defending criminal actors who are disproportionately causing harm to low-income disadvantaged communities.


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Two things can be true:

  1. f*ck this racist dogwhistler;
  2. DC schools are absolutely atrocious with some of the worst test scores in the nation, and maybe among all developed nations, and consistently fail to keep vulnerable children out of the school-to-prison pipeline (a term used by the ACLU:

The rightfully indignant response to 1) should not lead to a "closing of ranks" to acknowledge 2).


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Reply to comment by gopoohgo in Recent DC Trip by HereComesHR

Genuine question — do you really believe that the average net tax burden (or even net CoL) for a married family of five is equivalent in DC and Texas? Because this is Trump 2020 election levels of delusion jfc.


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While I whole heartedly endorse the message underlying the OP, I will note that if it was made about the actions of teenagers in NE/SE rather than NW, it likely would have been a far more controversial statement (possibly locked/removed by mods) and have much more push back.


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Again, if you take a rolling three-year average of murder rates for each year from 2013-2022, they consistently increase over the last decade, mirroring the decline in employed police officers. Are you able to understand what I’m saying?* We are talking numbers here so there’s not really room for interpretation.

*So the rolling murder rate in 2013 would be the average from 2011-2013, for 2014 it would be the average of 2012-2014, etc. This helps flatten the otherwise moderately noisy year-over-year data to generate longer term trend lines.


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“Then 2015-2019, the number of murders stayed statistically static” — LOL, do a three year rolling average please. You’ll see exactly what I’m describing, murders go up while the number of cops go down.

Also I’m going to assume the “actually murders went down after the crack epidemic of the 90s subsided” argument is trolling so I won’t bother to address it (for your sake I hope you’re not actually making this argument).