Briso_ t1_iycofqc wrote

Dude at least we didn't have to play with a trans peacock (I don't have anything against trans, just saying how it looks)... do you forgot about Lugia? Groudon? DUDE RAYQUAZA???? What are we talking about??? I'm not complaining about the semi realistic looking of a pokemon, I'm literally complaining about design, example look at TRICO, how amazing was he??? And he was just a chameleon, but we'll designed, eye pleasuring, and his evolution became much more great! Give a look at this clown crocodile, wtf is that??? Think back to Torchick, evolving in Blaziken, how cute and then how cool was he??? For me there's no comparison at all... MEWTWO, all eve evolution, like Vaporeon and Umbreon, LAPRAS, AGGRON, SALAMANCE, ARIADOS, ARTICUNO, LARVITAR!!! there's no comparison on this designs, nowadays pokemon are ugly as hell


Briso_ t1_iybv0ko wrote

Do you even remember how pokemon used to looks like? They totally can be better then this shit, absolutely horrendous. Minimum work for maximum effort, company mentality at his best, so yes maybe a 12 year old with some genuine creativity can do better yes I think so. You all guys lowered your standards.