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I remember when I was taught about that American myth Paul Bunyan the giant lumberjack who created the grand canyon by dragging his axe or made the Minnesota lakes with his footsteps. Even 8 year old me was like uh why aren’t there more lakes or craters next to the grand canyon then if he was walking next to it.


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I’m convinced that the introduction of Daylight Saving has made the majority of the world ignorant to the fact that you get longer days in the summer because of the Earth’s rotation around the sun and not because of moving the clock.

So instead of just doing the sensible thing like staying on standard time all year and ending the clock changing madness, everyone goes to die on the hill of daylight saving time.


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>“But CPAP also seems to have negative effects on the cardiovascular system. We need to investigate whether we should use more conservative airway pressures or other less-utilized treatments like oral appliances to treat patients with obstructive sleep apnea.”

Yes, it's been exhausting going from doctor to doctor to find one that doesn't just default to the brute force treatment method of CPAP and is actually willing to get inside that nose and throat and suggest alternative treatments based on individual physiology.


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My understanding is that they can negotiate that Steam take a lower cut of sales if they don't make use of Steam's DRM or other platform features.

Steam is convenient but monopolies aren't good either. In a perfect world all the platforms would provide proper API's so the community could make nicely integrated open source launchers that consolidate all of our games like GOG Galaxy tried to be. Given how finicky GOG is, that unfortunately seems to not be a world we're in yet or maybe ever will be.


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I mean that's just a company that doesn't know how to manage hotel desking. If you require 30% of employees to be in the office at any given time, you provide enough desks for 50%.

If you require 50% in some tight rotation, then yes you're not saving much with overflow and should just give everyone a dedicated desk.


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>Googlers are permitted to work from home a few days each week, so many desks sit empty when only a fraction of staffers are doing their jobs from the company's offices.

Honestly hotel desking is a pretty normal thing for most hybrid work-from-home models.

You can't both work from home and demand permanent office space in an office that you hardly visit.


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>“It can be argued, periodically, that it’s actually a cost savings because that child is not going to need any of those government services that they might otherwise be entitled to receive and need based on growing up in this type of environment,”

When Republicans steer so far to the right, they end up turning left and making a pro-choice argument.


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He both described what it contained and that it contained information on experiments that were actually carried out.

From the article: >The practice, known as “negative testing,” allows tech companies to “surreptitiously” run down someone’s mobile juice in the name of testing features or issues such as how fast their app runs or how an image might load, according to data scientist George Hayward.

>“How to run thoughtful negative tests,” which included examples of such experiments being carried out.